Jose Natal


I am a Latin percussionist with experience playing Latin and American music with the objectiveto seamlessly lend these styles of music and their beats and rhythms to different music genres.My motto is “Life never stops and so learning how to play percussion doesn’t either”. As a result, for me the epitome of percussion playing is taking “folkloric”, “traditional, “regional”, “cultural” or “authentic” styles and methods and applying it to contemporary music and vice versa. The knack of fusing various percussion styles to different styles of music is tricky but rewarding. My belief is this can only be accomplished when one focuses on a song and its parts paying attention to the musical swing and desired musical objectivity. When successful, the result should be the listeners and musicians both enjoy the musical outcome. Not an easy task.Music may be universal but everyone has their own tastes regarding their listening pleasures.I am forever a student, a player and teacher. My style is based on learning and playing with agroup or individual according to what is played. As a percussionist my style of playing is focused on naturally keeping tempo by playing a beat that is rhythmical, and provides a swing which supports and compliments other playing instruments and vocals without negating the “sound” or “chemistry.” Always listening to advice, instruction or what the desired sound is.