Tim Jones


Tim Jones, also known as Tim Jones in the Building (TJIB) brings to you his many years of musical talents. He's played behind a plethora of musical greats, such as:

  • Mark S. Hubbard and the United Voices for Christ (UVFC)

  • Chicago Mass Choir

  • Chicago Mass Youth Choir

  • Nu City Mass Choir

  • DeAndre Patterson

  • Beverly Crawford

  • Donald Lawrence

  • Richard Smallwood

Starting his musical career at a young age, he is known for his extensively diversified knowledge of music and having a keen ear for detail. 

He produces and musically directs for local hip hop artist NIZM & Those Guys, and have been doing so for 8 years. Expounding beyond the hip hop realm, he has also worked with Tukkiman, who brings to the sound waves a Senegalese/English Pop/French appeal. 

Exposing himself to a variety of musical arenas, he also had the opportunity to record and tour with local band Urban Funk Ordinance also knows as UFO.